Curve Tools stop working... bug? or ESO

Hello again. Once again I find myself scratching my head wondering if I’m running into a bug or a case of “equipment smarter than operator”. This has happened to me a couple of times on different projects now and I can not figure out whats going on. I will be working on something for hours and all of the sudden I can not create curves anymore. It says its creating it and I get an undo for it but it doesn’t show up. I’m on a visible layer and nothing is locked. If I create a solid it works fine, just not with any curve tools. The first time this happened I eventually got it to work again, but I do not know how. It just started working again after fiddling around with it. This time, no such luck. I have tried saving and rebooting Rhino, locking/ unlocking and turning on and off visibility on layers, loading the project in the WIP version, creating different solids and I just can not get my curve tools to work. Strange considering solids are working fine. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it.

When you create a curve, run SelNone and then SelLast, what shows up in the Properties>Details panel? Does it say the curve was actually created? Can you check your display mode to see if it’s still set for displaying curves?

I guess if the curves are being created and not being shown, there might be a graphics card problem… Maybe post your system info…


Ahhh … ESO it is. Display curves got disabled.