Curve that fits between 2 curves?

like this:

If your rest of the curves are organized in the same fashion, then maybe it would help.
And please don’t make double post.

overlap curve perimiter (11.5 KB)

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Thank you,
Im trying this patch with another set of curves.
im not getting good results. what do you mean “curves are organized in the same fashion,” ?

_01 file shows the result and attached .gh file


_02 file shows another scenario of another merging set.
is that possible to input all curves in the first object or would this need a specific selection of each set and a copy of the whole patch ?

overlap curve perimiter (55.6 KB)
overlap curve perimiter (130.0 KB)

I see now it works well, just needed to turn curves parallel to C plane.
where am i suppose to change the plane orientation in the patch ?

still not sure if 02 set could be done.

im thinking my curves arent of the right “type”
im not getting good results.
any idea ?

overlap curve perimiter (309.5 KB)