Curve Split Self Intersection Plugin Update v1.1.0

v1.1.0 Features:

  1. Separate a self-intersecting curve into a main curve and fin curves.
  2. Use “S” input to remove kinks.
  3. Use “R” input to change corner radius.
  4. Support most kinds: general curve, poly line, closed curve, planner curve, spacial curve.

The component can be found under tab: Curve → Util → Split Self
Installation: move file “CurveSplitSelfIntersection.gha” to grasshopper library folder.

CurveSplitSelfIntersection.gha (13.5 KB) (547.7 KB)

The example demonstrates a lofting application.

Auto search and detect main path on curve.

Build-in smooth function.

Change corner radius

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Regarding icons: personally I draw Icons using Aviary plugin for Grasshopper where you can basically turn Rhino geometry into icon with correct size, so it is some sort of Inception here :slight_smile: Also this could be useful: On Icons | I Eat Bugs For Breakfast

Upload it on food4rhino once it is finished :wink:

There are also additional tools that will help you to test your plugin properly. E.g. my plugin for testing: Brontosaurus | Food4Rhino which allows to unit test components inside GH. With this you can create some definition to make sure the result is as you expect, and later if you’d test it on Mac, then you will just open such script on Mac and see if everything is the same :slight_smile:

Or if you want to unit test inside code, then this could be helpful: GitHub - paireks/RhinoCommonUnitTesting: Example of unit testing RhinoCommon from within the Visual Studio test runner on windows


Thank you. Lots of useful information.

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add food4rhino link
The old plugin has been withdrawn from food4rhino.


I used VS template V6, but the plugin does not work if rhino version lower than 7.8. I don’t know how to make the plugin work on old rhino version. Do you know why?

I don’t use VS, but check first which version of nugets you’re using:

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Thank you very much. It works. I withdraw the old plugin and push a new one: CurveSplitSelfIntersection with a new example.The new plugin is runing in rhino 6 and 7.

Update v1.1.0 Add changing corner radius function.

Hi, @zhuangjia777 is there any way to use the CURVE SPLIT SELF INTERSECTION plugin with Rhino 5? Thanks. :blush:

I am not sure, rhino5 is obsolete. I will look at what I can do.