Curve sovrapposte

per lavori da passare al taglio laser è importante evitare linee sovrapposte… esiste un comando che permette la visualizzazione o la selezione di curve sovrapposte? Grazie. G.

For jobs to switch to laser cutting it is important to avoid overlapping lines … there is a command that allows the display or selection of superimposed curves? Thank you. G

Select all lines and call the Intersect command. If there’s multiple curves whose ends touch, call Join first. Another method is to call CrvStart, then CrvEnd, then Intersect, then SelNone and lastly SelDup. This will put points on the curve start and end points and their intersections, then selects any duplicates (the crv start and end points will be duplicates). The only points that are not highlighted are the points where actual intersections take place. If you copy and paste the following line in Rhino, that should work in one go:

_-SelCrv _-CrvStart _-CrvEnd _-Intersect _-SelNone _-SelDup

In case it helps, ShowEnds in V6/WIP and also, CurveBoolean may help if the curves form a closed loop.


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