Curve.Simplify not taking any options besides 0

If I run

curve.Simplify(64, .1, 1)

on any curve, I get this message:

Runtime error (TypeErrorException): Cannot convert numeric value 64 to CurveSimplifyOptions. The value must be zero.

line 16, in script

…but if I use 0 as CurveSimplifyOptions, the curve is not simplified.

Does anyone know why the method doesn’t take any other value than 0?

Use curvesimplifyoptions instead:

“The value most be 0” is a wird error message indeed

Ah, thank you for your reply!

But I’m not sure now how to use this method… what do I replace the 64 with exactly?

That depends in what way you want to simplyfy:

Curve.Simplify(Rhino.Geometry.CurveSimplifyOptions.All, 0.1, 1)

Would be one way of doing it

Clear, thank you very much!