Curve should be C1 continuous

Hi Guys,

Good day, how can I fix this error please?

  1. Curve should be C1 continuous. Tolerance is 0.1°

Thank you

You can check the degree of your curve with the Curve Degree component.

With Rebuild Curve you can specify the degree

Still same error Japhy, cheers

Joel -

Can you send the definition and model you are working on?

Model File.3dm (51.0 KB)
Text to (151.4 KB)
Workset File.rws (2.4 KB)

Thank you Scott, kind regards.

Hi Joel,

The worksession files aren’t attached.

Can you break out a small example of the curve that isn’t working for you?

A curve is C1 continuous to another curve (or curve segment for composite curves) if the tangents at the point of contact are collinear and they tangentvector length is equal. The second criteria is not mandatory for G1 matched curves. So C1 is more than G1. Keep that in mind