Curve Segments


Is there a way to make a curve have fewer segments? When I extrude a circle I make with the circle tool, the shape is singular. When I extrude a circle made of multiple segments, the cylinder has many facets. How can I reduce the amount of segments in the curve? Joining the segments of the curve doesn’t make the cylinder have less facets.


try the rebuild command.

(John Brock) #3

Also try SimplifyCrv



SimplifyCrv didn’t change the number of facets the shape made when extruded.
Rebuild made the circle looser and more out of tolerance.


rebuild with 8 points, deg3. After that run Convert with these settings:
( Output=Arcs SimplifyInput=Yes DeleteInput=Yes AngleTolerance=0 Tolerance=0.1 MinLength=0.02 MaxLength=0 OutputLayer=Current ):
If this doesn’t do it upload a sample for us.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Can you post the curve(s)?




This seemed to have worked! Thanks!