Curve Segments

Is there a way to make a curve have fewer segments? When I extrude a circle I make with the circle tool, the shape is singular. When I extrude a circle made of multiple segments, the cylinder has many facets. How can I reduce the amount of segments in the curve? Joining the segments of the curve doesn’t make the cylinder have less facets.

try the rebuild command.

Also try SimplifyCrv


SimplifyCrv didn’t change the number of facets the shape made when extruded.
Rebuild made the circle looser and more out of tolerance.

rebuild with 8 points, deg3. After that run Convert with these settings:
( Output=Arcs SimplifyInput=Yes DeleteInput=Yes AngleTolerance=0 Tolerance=0.1 MinLength=0.02 MaxLength=0 OutputLayer=Current ):
If this doesn’t do it upload a sample for us.

Can you post the curve(s)?



This seemed to have worked! Thanks!