Curve proximity mesh

Hello! I am looking to generate a shape based on a curve’s proximity to itself, like in the example shown. I know this is similar to meatball and marching cubes but not quite the output I’m looking for. I will eventually use this to create a building based on a rollercoaster’s track, but I suppose that is not important at the moment. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Welcome @drew9dog,

Who did the reference project?

I think this question has already been asked. So it is helpful if you gave the reference of the video. It will me more easy to find what was said.
I think this kind of shape could be done using Cocoon or MetaBall. I don’t quite understand why the output of MetaBalls isn’t good for you?

For the meat ball I keep them for the meal :wink:, but tonight it is :pizza:



@studiomyi on Instagram

I love a good hungry typo haha. @studiomyi on Instagram did the reference. The video you show here is perfect for what I want, however I’m not sure how to achieve this. The only success I’ve had with metaball is in more spherical outputs.

I did the animation.
The metaball makes sphere if only limited number of points are put.
Try to populate a curve with points then play with metaball you will see such shapes. You just need to put less points where you don’t want thickness. Vertical part in your example.
metaball on (17.7 KB)

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Thank you!