Curve Plane Intersection Strategy for Cell Pairs?

Hi everybody,

I’m using Curve|Plane intersection to localise cell edges of neighbouring cells that need to be deleted. Another curve (blue) that spans from cell center to cell center determines, which cell edges need to vanish, in order to clear a path.


However, this curve (blue) can’t always be directly intersected with the cell edges, since they are not always intersecting it, depending on the cell orientation (cf. example 1 vs. example 2).
Here’s where the plane comes into play! It is constructed at a cell center point, with the direction of the blue line, and the surface normal at the cell center point as axes.

Since the plane intersects all the cell edges, too many get culled (red). My goal is to only get rid of the edges (green) that the blue curve crosses (but not necessarily intersect).

Both examples are extracts of a bigger script that features many cells and a single continues blue line. The cells are evaluated in pairs, like in the examples above, and compared to a single, corresponding segment of the bigger blue line.

Any suggestions? (26.9 KB)

Extrude a Surface from the blue line and test the green edge for intersection with that Surface. A surface would not be of infinite size like the plane.

// Rolf

Like this? (10.0 KB)

Not as quick on the draw as the other guys. (24.0 KB)

Thank you, @RIL and @akilli for suggesting the surface method.

@davidsmavrov, not exactly what I was looking for, since you don’t take the blue line into account, but thanks anyway.