Curve open group

I have 62 grouper open curve, but I would like to make it a single object to use the ‘sweep’ function. Thank you.

Hello- you may need to Join the curves first, or use the ChainEdges option in Sweep1.


thanks for the quick answer, but using the ‘join’ function but sweep2 gives this result;

Hello- you can use the ‘Add Slash’ in Sweep2 button to straighten the isocurves.


dear @pou010 Luc
if the shape / cross section of the surface is a constant circle - check out the _pipe command.
if the shape / cross section does not change - maybe a _sweep1 (one rail) is enough - using a road like direction of 0,0,1 (z-direction) …
if you need more help - please post the file.
kind regards -tom

the initial starting section should not change, but may change if the distance between the two curves varies. but I ‘lost’ my objects :slight_smile: I am looking for the command to re-center my objects in each view. Thank you.

_zoom _all _extents
Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 13.23.16

thank you, thank you, thank you