Curve on Surface component

Hi everyone.
I am using the Curve on Surface component (CrvSrf), but it is messing me up.
I input four points on a square surface shown in the following fig.
however, the resulting curve is like a mirror image.
I would like to know how to use the component properly.

Thanks in advance

Surface Closest Point will let you get the U&V parameters of your referenced points.

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Thank you so much !
This is amazing. @o@

Hi HS_Kim,

Can please explain Surface closet to Point more. I am new to Grasshopper.

The Curve On Surface component expects the curve points to be specified in (u,v) coordinates. This is a requirement as only those types of coordinates will actually be on the surface. Regular (x,y,z) coordinates could be anywhere and are not guaranteed to be anywhere near the base surface.

So instead of just plugging in (x,y,z) points, you need to convert them into (u,v) points first. The Surface Closest Point component does this. It’ll tell you both the (x,y,z) point coincident with the surface which is closest to your input point, and the (u,v) coordinates of that same point.

Thanks David! I will give this a run and see what happen.