Curve offset returned a strange result

Hey, quick adventure for Tuesday.

I am doing offset to a list of curves, but one of the curve didn’t return a normal result.

What should be the problem? (21.3 KB)

Thanks for your quick response Rajeev.
However, it’s the same result as before. The third curve remains not normal as it’s only 17m.

Try clipper plugin it will may help you (10.6 KB)

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This is weird. Two of your curves are not closed so the white group fixed that. Then I had to flip the guide circle to get it right. (21.5 KB)


Interesting idea, double FlipCurve.

But what happened in scenario 1 when that curve passed through Offset Curve? It’s just a regular curve as the others.
Should I simply blame on the bad quality of input curve? (12.1 KB)

I don’t know. By the way, Weave failed to restore the original sequence.

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Try Offset from Pufferfish

Or Fennec


Swapping the ‘0’ and ‘1’ inputs to Weave almost worked but not quite.
Instead, I added this silly code to the white group: (21.4 KB)