Curve offset component - trouble shoot inconsistencies

Hi there, is there something that I can do to make the curve offset work more consistently? I have looked at a few forums but am not able to fix this error:

Here we see that the offset distance works quite well for most shapes, but not for these two:

Is there an additional step that can be added to guarantee consistency?

Thanks already for the help!!! (23.6 KB)


wrong script.

It’s here: (23.6 KB)

I do not see this in Rhino version 8.7 with any of the sliders’ values; what version are you using?

Rhino 7

In Rhino 8 much work has been done to improve offsetting curves, and of course numerous other improvements and new features. If it is possible for you to upgrade, this could be a good reason to do so.

In this case it looks like the problem is due to some curves being clockwise, while others are anti-clockwise. To solve this, use the Flip Curve component to align the curve directions.

This screenshot is from Rhino 7 where I saw the same problem.