Curve non uniform scale

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with my issue.

I have a spiral curve which I would like to scale non uniformly in the one direction but I can not find the proper way to do it.


HelixAlongMultipleCurve2.ghuser (361.3 KB) (58.7 KB)

Here a way using Point Deform and Graph Mapper

It only work on XZ plane… But it is simple to change the plane.
You don’t have to transform your curve to polyline. As I had not your plugin I used textObject from Rhino. (16.1 KB)


Here I drew a spiral in rhino -since I don’t have the gh component that you use- and wrote a gh definition to scale it non-uniformly. Narrow on the bottom, large on the top as you pointed out on your image.

Find the rhino file and gh definition attached.

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Helix.3dm (35.9 KB) (11.4 KB)

You can control the uniform scale by creating a surface from two circles and use pull curve, in the definition other method to create the helix (18.8 KB)

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Hello everyone,

Really appreciate your help but I am afraid I still did not manage to do it.
I am attaching a better explanation.
I would like a non uniform scale on the y axis which will gradually get less on the lower circle.
I am attaching also the component I use for the spiral.

HelixAlongMultipleCurve2.ghuser (361.3 KB)

It’s better if you create or draw what you want manually, it is not clear

If you’d like to deform the regular helix on circle, then you can try twisted box features of pufferfish plugin. (14.0 KB)

Thank you for one more time Kim.

This is exactly what I was looking for.