Curve networking a non uniform half spherical

Dumb question. But how do you curve network a surface like this? (im embarrassed, this should be elementary)

Join short top curve and use network

If i split the cplane curve it will give me half of it and it bulges .

But I want a continuous surface. Will adding more cross sections help?ODST CONCEPT INSPIRE.3dm (366.1 KB)

It could also be a closed deformed sphere which I can then split in two if that makes it easier.
But I want it accurate.

From your first file only join top short curve, resulting in one U profile curve and three V profile curves

Thank you.

Hi Simon - I notice your curves are degree 2 - is that deliberate? For making smooth pebbly shapes like this, I would use degree 3 at least to get nice curvature continuity. NetworkSrf will override the curve continuity with degree 3 but still, I’d think you want smoother curves…At any rate though Network gets you something OK with the curves suggested by Eddi, - check carefully at the front and back - see how it gets a little out of hand there as it approaches the singularities?

For a shape like this, I’d try to force the singularity to the top by joining the base curves and splitting the verticals, then Network it.


Thank you Pascal. That is realy good info.