Curve Network Missing Top

Hello all,

Thanks in advance for all the awesome Rhino users who take time to help others on this forum.
I’m trying to model a dinosaur but I’m having some issues with the curve network. As you can see, it’s not creating a surface at the top and bottom, leaving an open surface. I wonder if it’s because the light blue and dark blue curves are not “in line” with one another - meaning there are sections of the curve popping out (if that makes sense).

Any advice would be great. I’m trying to challenge myself with this dinosaur, and, it’s challenging.curvenetworkhelp.3dm (3.4 MB)

For these things I would use the loft for a basic form. Then I would use the cage with a number of appropriate points and modify the shape. For the ears/eyes (or horns) start from a sphere, I would rebuild with a number of dots, eventually cut the pieces in order to connect them.
These tutorials I think can be very useful to understand the approach.

curvenetworkhelp.3dm (5.1 MB)

Thanks! Why do you build a cage? So that you are able to snap the points certain spots without it going all over the place?

The cage (with a sufficient number of points) allows you to have a “good” control over parts like this dinosaur. In general, I believe that in the tutorials of the two links you see the kind of approach.


Hi Jaqomatic - One thing to ‘get’ about surface modeling is that surfaces can only have two directions, structurally - they always laid out in a grid of points, not arbitrarily- this makes it awkward to make arbitrary shapes from a single surface. I’m not sure what your strategy for this dino head is but it would be more surface-model like to, for example, make the head, then make the knobby parts indicated by the cyan curves, and some transition between them than to try to include these as part of a single surface. Something like what I think you are making here would benefit from some planning,…