Curve network deformation

Greetings dear Rhino/GH community.

I came across a video advertising a GH course teaching how to deform a network of curves using kangaroo, however the platform hosting the course is too expensive for me as a student and I don’t have the option to purchase an individual lesson, therefore I am stuck because no other video or article explains how to do so.

Basically I have a tridimensional hexagonal grid that I want to deform along multiple curves by attraction proportional to distance, deforming the hexagons not only individually but as a network of curves, pulling the closest hexagons closer to the attractor while still being connected and affecting other hexagons. I only found tutorials for the basic resizing of individual hexagons depending on distance to an attractor.

This is the unaffordable lesson that I mentioned. Just by looking at this screenshot and watching the video, does anyone have a clue how he did it ?

If not, do you have any other method to suggest ? I currently have multiple hexagonal cells, how can I turn them into a single object ?