Curve model performace R6 on mac

Hi there after some while,
I am currently working on a 2d drawings in R6 on mac and I am again experiencing slower performance on a model containing mainly curves and hatches. Feels slower, selecting objects takes longer than in V5 (roughly 0.5 sec whereas in v5 it is immediate), selecting dimensions takes more.
testmaxspeed for R6: 3.5 sec/30 FPS, R5: 1.7/100 FPS

I know this is probably still in progress issue, anyway I wonder how is the situation, or if it would help to share the fie for further investigation… @stevebaer?

Working on mac, src 6.21

I think, in this case, it might be nice to actually see the file in question, if that is possible.

You have an AMD GPU, right?

Hi @dan, yep, we have AMD GPU. I can share the file with you, but I don’t want to publish it here since it is a bit confidential. Shall I send it by email or?

Understood. Please upload it here: and we will keep it confidential. Also, please paste the URL for this topic into the comments section, so we can cross-references this topic during our investigations.

Thank you.

Ok @dan, done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the model. I’m not sure if there is much more I’ll be able to do with this for V6 Mac, but will keep it on my test list if we figure out any other Mac related optimizations to try.

Thanks @stevebaer, I know, those macs :slight_smile: But if there is any way how to speed up especially selecting the annotation objects, it would be excellent. Or is there any reason why annotations are the slowest to select?

Give the V7 WIP a try for text selection. I made a bunch of code changes over the last month to attempt to improve performance in this area.

Yep, I shall, though I think it is not advisable to use it for important work, right?

We don’t recommend to use a WIP in production, no.
You can get a long way with being careful to save often and have a good backup system but changes to the code might lead to unexpected crashes. Moreover, when new features are being developed, it is very well possible that some command or feature is introduced and then later taken out again. You should not invest heavily in new workflows in the WIP’s as there is no guarantee that everything will be in the final released version.