Curve Mid Cluster

To reduce the clutter on my Grasshopper project, I thought I would attempt to make a Curve Midpoint Cluster, but I cannot seem to get it working.

I’ve tried adding a point on the output, as well as deconstructing and then reconstructing the point, but I still get red and no midpoint. I’ve tried setting the internal N and I variables, but it still goes red.

There’s only a few components, but I am seeing at least 12 of these groupings in my project. It’s more of a readability thing.

Any idea would be appreciated, thank you,

The component “point on curve” already gives you mid point by default because it is set to 0.5.

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I was worried about using those because, they appear…vintage.

Oddly, it appears that they cannot be put into a cluster, or I lack the skill to do it.
(Thank you )

Vintage? Not sure what that means in this context, however you can make it into a cluster like anything else.

I can’t.

BTW, that component was one of the only underwhelming Grasshopper components I have found. I wish it were redone, so a slider ( and the curve to be divided ) could be attached to the front of it.

And, visually, It appears like a much earlier version, compared to the rest of the components.

That exists too, it is called evaluate length (with normalize set to true).

Here is file with point on curve as cluster and has evaluate length. (6.7 KB)

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It worked as you uploaded, but when I pasted it in, it was displeased.
I restarted and it works fine.
Thank you. : )

For now, I am calling it: “Mid” .
I used it 13 times in the same project. It was gratifying to do replacements because it replaces a little more than it seems. The point order changed a bit in my project, which wasn’t so gratification, but I just need to comb out the tangles.

[ In the screenshot, the grouping just displays the angle of a windshield that the rest of the group creates. ]

I think that the way GH issues instances for objects got a little confused with my multiple confused edits.

your definition work fine ; and you don’t need crv in the cluster


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