Curve mathemathics: curve + gradient derivative * constant

Hi there,
I’m looking into finding information about OpenNurbs access with python scripting on mac.
Basically what i’d have to do is this:
Given a curve A, i’d like to generate another curve B which is generated according to the following formula:

Curve B = Curve A + gradient(X,Y,Z) * constant

My current and idiotic script does the following:
It divides the curve in a lot of small points and offsets these points by the derivative,
but this gets computationally very messy and generates messy curves too.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino
import scriptcontext
import System.Guid

class TanLines:
    def __init__ (self, INcurve, INdivideBy, INradius):
        self.curve = INcurve
        self.divideBy = float(INdivideBy)
        self.radius = int(INradius)

    def tanPoints(self):
        doms = rs.CurveDomain(self.curve)
        minDom = doms[0]
        maxDom = doms[1]
        points = Rhino.Collections.Point3dList(30)
        lengthCurve = rs.CurveLength(self.curve)
        self.numOfDivs = (lengthCurve/self.divideBy)

        for i in range(0, int(self.numOfDivs)):
            if i > 1:
                paramNext = ((maxDom-minDom)/self.numOfDivs) * (1+i)
            if i == 1:
                param = ((maxDom-minDom)/self.numOfDivs) * (i)
            param = (maxDom-minDom)/self.numOfDivs * i

            pt = rs.EvaluateCurve(self.curve,  param)
            tan = rs.CurveTangent(self.curve, param)
            if i > 1:
                tanNext = rs.CurveTangent(self.curve, paramNext)

            if i == 0:
                tan = rs.VectorScale(rs.CurveTangent(self.curve, param), -10)
            elif i == self.numOfDivs-1:
                tan = rs.VectorScale(rs.CurveTangent(self.curve, param), 10)
                tan = rs.VectorScale(rs.CurveTangent(self.curve, param), self.radius)

            tanPt = rs.PointAdd(rs.PointAdd(tan, pt), (0,0,i*0.00))
            #rs.AddLine(pt, tanPt)
            if (i > 1):
                if (rs.IsVectorParallelTo(tan, tanNext) == 1):

        nc = Rhino.Geometry.NurbsCurve.Create(False, 3, points)
        rc = Rhino.Commands.Result.Failure
        if nc and nc.IsValid:
            if scriptcontext.doc.Objects.AddCurve(nc)!=System.Guid.Empty:
                rc = Rhino.Commands.Result.Success
        return rc

curve = rs.GetObject("Select a curve")
obj = TanLines(curve, rs.GetReal("length", 1, 0, 10000), rs.GetReal("Radius", 200, 0, 10000))

Since you have a lot of points, its doubtful you want all of these points to be control points, although I may be confused.

Perhaps you should just create a curve thru your calculated points. Use rs.AddInterpCurve for this. Check the help file for details.