Curve & list problem: need to close cells with rectangle border

Hi! I am working with some Voronoi cells bounded by a rectangle. The problem is:
1 the cells on the border are open. With the Closed command, I picked them out but, the one at the corner of the rectangle I don’t know how to deal with (it needs a straight angle matching rectangle border, not just connecting end points)
2 if I pick things from a list with cull pattern and modify the sublist, how can I quickly put the modified back to the list (and, of course, replace their not-modified counterparts?). I find that every time this happens I need another cull pattern to pick out the rest of the list to get the modified list back (185.6 KB)

Thanks so much!


How are you generating those cells ?
You can give the Voronoi component a rectangle and in this case the border cells will be closed.

You could also use Surface Split. (184.2 KB)

This should remove the need for your second question, but in any case, you could use Dispatch and Merge. Or Sift Pattern + Combine to retain order.

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Thanks so much magicteddy! As always, your help allow me to move forward with my project in important ways!

I got these cells by moving them off of surfaces. For some reason, they don’t come with borders!

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