Curve|Line intersection logic?

I use a Curve|Line intersection, the component orders the intersections with the direction of the lines but sometimes no.

Is it a bug or I do not understand the logic?

Maybe the order of points intersections follow the first curve, so i tested with the “principal” option, it’s identical

Generally you can’t rely on any of the intersection-based components (including ones like Boundary Surfaces) to return their results in any logical order - you’ll have to post-process the outputs manually, in this case sorting the points according to distance from the start of the line.

thanks, ok i’m going to increase the spaghetti effect :slight_smile:

I think they’re sorted along the curve right? The line direction is not taken into account at all.
But maybe the order is totally random. If the values in the [t] output are always increasing, then the points are sorted along the freeform curve.

Yes is right the intersections is ordered by t parameter of curve.
I could see that.

So, what is the utility of “principal” option ?

Principal just determines which list to adapt the branch addresses (path) logic from, it doesn’t change the lists order or content.

Ok, thank you ans thank all !