Curve Intersection With Brep Analysis

Fellow 'hoppers,
I am trying to find the first intersection of each curve (created with the point 2 point method), with the multiple breps. I would like to return the first intersection of each curve and create a new curve between that point and the original base point on the centralized point grid base surface. This is a variation on an isovist. In this case i would like to analyze the actual distance from the varying points on the base surface to the first obstruction on the vectors. As the end points are a 360 degree circle, i would also like to either end the curve inside the central volume (at their first intersection with the opposite wall) or not create the curves along those “obstructed” vectors at all. I have attached the accompanying diagrams of the 3 cases of intersections (or non intersection) as .jpegs, as well as the .gh script and base rhino file. Any help with the point analysis and brep intersections.
Thanks in advance and please post any ideas or questions for clarification.

Test intersect (16.7 KB)

Intersect multiple curves multiple breps.3dm (205.7 KB)

Is this what you are after?

Test intersect (21.2 KB)

Or… Remove the opposite side of the facade rays…

Test intersect (29.5 KB)

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