Curve from the intersection of surfaces, involving a mirroring

In Grasshopper, I would like to create a curve being the intersection of two (or three) surfaces.

The wrinkle, is that it involves mirroring. The 2nd surface is the result of a mirroring of the 1st (and neither of these intersect). Both surfaces #1 and #2 intersect with a 3rd surface. Therefore, (a) can this be achieved in one go; and (b) could someone please “unpack” that part of the likely explanation, that this uses “the Brep|Brep intersection”. Thanks.

How about providing a file, Clive?

Good idea, I should have realised that it’s easier to visualise with an image and an example. The vertical fence on the left of the image is mirrored from the right vertical fence and there are independent, horizontal upper and lower surfaces. Hoping to get four curves out of this.

Test for curve from intersections.3dm (3.3 MB)
Test for curve from (14.8 KB)

Hope this help.

Test for curve from (10.0 KB)

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Very many thanks!