Curve from points on solid surfaces

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to convert the polylines or line segments from this solid to curves.
I would like to ask what, is the best way to do it?

Vertices List 121818.3dm (247.4 KB)
Vertices List (10.8 KB)

Like a smooth curve? (try interpolate)
Or are you just looking to join the curves (try join)
If not any of those, then im not sure im understanding you correctly.

Try to be a little more clear on what you try to achieve!
Do you want your polylines to look like in the picture above? If so, do you want them to be organised from top to bottom - as open polylines - or as closed, individual, neighbouring diagrid cells? Do you even even want polylines or smoother interpolated curves?

Furthermore, what do you mean specifically by the ‘best way’? The best way could be literally anything, righ! The most energy efficient, the most computation efficient, the smoothest, the most aesthetically appealing, …


What I’m trying to achieve is a smooth curve (see blue curve on the picture below), not a segmented group of lines such as the original picture above. The best way for me in this scenario is that it should look more refined.


I’ve triend interpolate but it doesn’t seem to work for me on items with shifted lists.

Thanks a lot!

One of the easiest way is to use Relative Item and Curve On Surface.

Vertices List (155.8 KB)

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thanks a lot, @HS_Kim!

you replied to a similar post and it worked well on surfaces. However,
There seems to be a problem if applied with surfaces on solids.

I’ll try this out!