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Hi all,
in my current project I have a detail item family that includes filled region.
What I am trying to do export in Rhino the curves of the filled region inside the family.
I can see he preview in the rhino environment but I can’t find a component that can help me to get the geometry out an bake it to Rhino.
Thanks for the help!

You can get the Filled Region as a surface in Rhino using Element Geometry node. If you want to get the boundary curves of it, just connect a Curve node.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that the filled region is within the detail item family and when I connect the “element geometry” component it doesn’t read any geometry even if I see the preview of the object.

Hmm, I have no idea about that.

can you post the detail item family? thanks, there could be multiple nested families.

Is this in the project or family environment?

Yes here is the family and it doesn’t have any nested one.
I am trying to get the geometry from the project environment where the family is loaded in.
DET_TowerOutline.rfa (356 KB)

Thanks for reporting. I swear I had a way of doing this, but that was a while ago and seems to be defunct. I’ll get this in front of the team and see what we can do.

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There was an issue.

The fix is in the RC and Daily build that are currently available for download.

View dependent elements such as Detail Items need to be queries through the View Element Geometry Component.