Curve flow along Curve - How?

Is there any way to get curve A to flow along Curve B, in the same relation that Curve A has to the straight line for example?

It does not seem like Flowalongcurve works for this.

Thank you

Hello - the Flow command should do just this.



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jeez, not sure what I was doing. Thank you for the quick help!

one more question:)

In Modo there is something called falloffs, which can be linear, nonlinear, radial, and customizable. They makes twisting and deforming really nice. I have not found a way to easily reproduce this in Rhino. What is the best way? Also, can i suggest the team look into this, cause i think its a really valuable feature.

Hello - Rhino 7 has SoftTransform, for meshes and SubD vertices and faces - it is not terribly sophisticated, but it is the closest thing there is at the moment.