Curve evaluation like the _Gcon Rhino command

Hello, does anyone has an idea about the best way to get the Rhino _Gcon command properly working in Grasshopper ? the main idea is to simply compute the curvature deviation between two curves, and for now, all that I get are just two vectors and two circles so, I can severals thinks from this step but better to know how … exactly the _Gcon compute the curvature deviation …

No body knows what is a curvature deviation exactly in the _gcon rhino command ? :slight_smile: should I subtract the little radius to the bigger one when I use a curvature evaluation on two collinears point ?

Hi @julz,

Grasshopper doesn’t have a GCon component. The command prints out lots of information. What of that information are you interested in?

– Dale

No it’s ok I have found what I’m looking for :slight_smile: thx
Curvature deviations —-> 1*(r1-r2/r1+r2)