Curve Display Problem

In the attached part of a RhinoCentre training file we have a problem with Nvidia graphics cards. The continuous white arc shows as a dashed arc. On other training laptops the white arrc doesn’t even show. However, the arc can be selected with a crossing.

The problem doesn’t occur when I turn off the Nvidia card and use the onboard graphics card. It also occurs on both my personal laptop (latest driver) and the training laptops. Both have Nvidia Quadro cards.

CurveDisplay.3dm (68.2 KB)

Is this something for Jeff?

Hmm, odd, on one machine (workstation Quadro 4000), when I open your file I see the dashed line, but as soon as I select anything in the file it goes to normal and then I never see the dashed display again.

On my laptop (Quadro 2000M), it is more persistent, but as soon as I move the arc and then undo, it goes back to normal and stays that way…


It’s also dashed here and it keeps dashed even after being moved. I can make it continues if I rebuild it

Hi Mitch,

Nice that you jumped on to this. I explained and showed the value of the Discourse forum and my trainees wonder how you find the time to be so active on Discourse… :wink:

Anyway, over here your workaround of moving the white arc doesn’t solve the problem. When I move it, the display stays dashed. And when I undo it, it also stays dashed.

Thanks Jordy for looking into this.

Mind you that when you rebuild the arc, it doesn’t become exactly the same shape.

I don’t know if this is a driver problem, on both machines I have 340.84… Latest is apparently 347.52 --Mitch

Oke I dont know why. But if I draw a circle its the same…

Also. If I open a new file its normal… If I copy the curve from your file to a new file its normal… So its only if I open that specific file
Can you open Rhino witouth that file and try drawing a circle… does it still happen? :slight_smile:

When I copy/paste the arc to a new Rhino session, it’s okay.

OK, try this on your file…

Click in the top view, call Camera>Show. Then double click on the viewport title to go back to 4 views. Then look at the camera… It’s very odd, nearly flat, and your curves are at the camera lens point…

I guess it shouldn’t matter because it’s a parallel projection, but…

If I run the 4view command twice, it resets the camera…


Thanks Mitch,

This must be the explanation.

It already goes to normal if I rotate 3D… ZEA (zoom extends all) also fixes this :slight_smile: but yes. Its probably the camera ^^

Yes, that would reset the camera… --Mitch