Curve display issues in inserted file

Hello All

Wondering if someone here has run into this issue - hoping there is a quick fix… :crossed_fingers:

I am doing some drafting in Rhino 5 and wish to use multiple files to separate different drawing elements. I intend on inserting these files into ‘sheet files’ to create various drawings. When I link one of my files some of the 2d geometry doesn’t appear in the main (sheet) file however when I select the link/block I can see the missing geometry.

Unselected the link/block looks like this.
Please see bottom right of plan for an example of where the curves are not displayed

When selected the link/block looks like this.

I have checked this in Rhino 7 and there is no issue. Unfortunately I don’t have a Rhino 7 licence…
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino 5.

Attached are the main and linked files.

MAIN FILE.3dm (57.7 KB)
LINKED FILE.3dm (234.4 KB)

I should add that the issue is persistent when printing to PDF.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Hi Robert -

This appears to be an issue with blocks in Rhino 5.
You’ll see the same if you, in the “LINKED FILE.3dm” file, select everything and turn that into a block.

I suppose that that work-arounds are to either insert that file as individual objects or use the Attach feature.

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Hello Wim

Thanks for the response. Will insert as groups and update as required.

Attach looks to be an useful approach too.

Thanks again