Curve curve intersection does not work

This may sounds so simple, but I really don’t know why it is not work.
I set curve A as all curve in Y-axis and
set curve B as all curve in X-axis.
Using curve-curve intersection, I thought it suppose to create all points of intersections, but I don’t know why I only get the points of intersection in diagonal.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

curve (19.2 KB)
curve intersection.3dm (911.7 KB)

(If I set each one as one curve, it works fine)

There is a problem with data management, which requires grafting one of the inputs:

Check out these video tutorials to learn more.


You can use Mutiple Curves (MCX):


*But still listen to @Mahdiyar and check out data management :wink:

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Thanks a lot, and thanks for sharing the video tutorial as well!

Thank you! both of your ways work. Now, I know new nodes :smile: