Curve control points trouble

Simply following along one of the earliest intro videos Modeling Strategies | 1 | NURBS - YouTube and at around 1:06 the speaker turns control points “on” and is able to further adjust the curved extruded surface. Yet when I do the exact same thing I don’t have those same control points available on my curved surface. I’ve tried redoing this a dozen times, even with record-history turned on, but always get the same result: only 2 control points (the beginning and end points of the extrusion, but none of the points that manipulate the curve as the demonstration shows). Any suggestions or perhaps a bug? Thanks…

Hello - ConvertExtrusion (or Explode in the case of a ‘single surface’ extrusion will convert that to a ‘Brep’ version, which, if a sigle surface, will show control points.

More info on extrusion objects.


Wow that’s it exactly - thank you. The explode step is totally missing in the tutorial video.

If you do not want extrusion objects to be made at all, set that using the UseExtrusionscommand.