Curve Boolean

Hi All,

I am trying to get a set of closed curves out of a group of both closed and open curves in c# as in “Curve Boolean” commend in rhino. Please see the attached image where I select all curves and set the inner region to get separate closed curves.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. (16.3 KB)

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the definition. I meant from “open and closed curves”. Please see attached - there are one closed curve (cyan) and two open curves (magenta), and what I want to do in c# is to get closed curves (blue - offset is just to make them visible).

Any thought?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry didn’t read propperly before, was mainly looking at the screenshot and thought you need a boolean union.

Splitting the closed curve can be done with the BrepFace.Split Method (11.6 KB)

This is great. I was kind of obsessed with more complicated method, but it simply works! Thanks much!


See attached as well (121.0 KB)

Peter - that’s beautiful! Thanks! I haven’t still finished the Nurbs book by the way.


Hurry: time flies.

BTW: Sligthly better logic on that one: (125.9 KB)

BTW: The “general” (kinda) case is faaaaar more tricky and requires containment clustering: as a challenge try to do something about that. (126.7 KB)

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