Curve Boolean defaults

Every time we use CurveBoolean we have to change the the DeleteInput option from the default “None” to “All”. It would make sense to change this default to All, since this is the most common scenario.

Under Options < General there’s a box to enter commands which need to be run when Rhino starts. I use that for your exact question to change the behaviour of CurveBoolean by pasting the following macro in there:
! _CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_All !

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Yes, it is a good temporary solution, good for advanced users - not sure if it doesn’t have to be renewed after updating Rhino.
This default should be changed for the next service release - so far we have never had to use the default setting.

This reminds me:

How do I make a keyboard command for this?

Can I just paste “! _CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_All !” into one of my keyboard commands lines?

Actually, the path to this box is: Options command > Rhino Options > RhinoScript > Startup

The path I mentioned was correct as well

If you are talking about making aliases, yes, of course. As I use all three variations, I have the following aliases"

cb - ! _CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_Used
cba - ! _CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_All
cbn - ! _CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_None

I always use the default option, and move the resulting curve onto a different layer., and keep the input curves on a separate “Input” Layer. No need to change the command for me…

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