Curve allignment and associated issues


Have a look at the attached files, when i railsweep 2 the side of my drawing the side goes wobbly, on top view the bottom line and the line above it (should be in line) are slightly off, is this why the railsweep is causing wobbles? Is there a simple fix? How might i allign the bottom and top curves? I hope the attachments explain what i mean.

Many thanks in advance,


Rear former bottom component rail sweep…3dm (54.2 KB)
Rear former bottom component…3dm (54.2 KB)

check your tolerances to assure they are tight enough to visually align your surface with your curves.

Hi Simon - I’m confused - what goes wobbly? If the isocurves are out of alignment in the Sweep previews, use the AddSlash button to add an aligned shape at the worst location to true up the isocurves.