Curvature Graph options use colour of object and ignore line weight

I wish to compare curvatureGraphs as I adjust one object cloned from the other and whilst the objects sit on different layers the graphs are the same colour. I wish for one colour per object.

Also if the object has a thicker line weight and print preview is on, the graph takes on really thick lines as well and I cant see what I am doing !

Turning off one graph kills all of them


To “turn off” a curvature graph click on “Remove object” at the bottom of the Curvature Graph menu, and then click on the objects whose graphs you want to eliminate.


Still hoping…
Is there any way to get different colour Curvature Graphs showing at the same time ?
I need to compare two relating to two curves that are subtly different, one is the clone of the other with some tweaking.

One is red, the other blue, both graphs are red and I cant see differences as a result.

I wish we could have an ability to launch CurvatureGraph again as a second instance of it, and pick a different colour.


For now, a workaround would be to ExtractCurvatureGraph on one of the objects, the one you are not editing, and change the color to something you like. For the graph thickness, I guess the best thing for now is to toggle PrintDisplay while you work. I don’t know if the graph should follow PrintDisplay as it does, but I tend to think not.