Curvature discontinuity in surface

Hi this surface is Deg 3 in the direction of the curvature graph. No multiple knots. What causes the discontinuity at the solid isocurve and how can I get rid of without using Rebuild? I don’t want to change the distribution of the points.


Hi Eric - curvature is continuous there - acceleration is not, but curvature is - a kink, but not a break in the graph curve. It looks like a degree 3 surface to which a knot has been added to get a fifth point.
What you’re after I guess is a degree four surface with those point locations…


Yes of course, that makes sense.

Still the curvature is not okay. Imagine you like to match a surface/fillet in this direction. In order to make it smooth make it single span. Increase the degree to 4. Prevent infliction points.

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