Curvature Analysis and Blocks

Continuing with things that keep me up at night.

If I:

  1. Draw a circle (e.g.)
  2. Extrude the circle (e.g.)
  3. Turn on surface analysis (e.g. Zebra).
  4. Make a block out of my cylinder.
  5. Delete the block.
  6. Insert the block (5 & 6 not strictly necessary).
  7. Explode the block

My surface now has whatever surface analysis showing when it was created.

Is this the intended behavior?

I doubt this is designed behavior - thanks for pointing it out. I’d worry, a bit, myself, if that was what was keeping me up nights, though…

No need to worry. Usually it is the giant purple wolf with the glowing red eyes in my room that keeps me up.

RH-37346 is fixed in the latest Rhino WIP for Windows, but is not available on Rhino for Mac yet.