Curv Array

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Good morning everyone, i’m trying to position the brep on the curve, in the centers of the circumferences, making them all point inward. i managed to position them, but i can’t get them to point inward. then i should extract the round surface that points inward and then extrude them inward. i had tried using a series of mirrors, but it returns vectors that i can’t reorder as i would like.
so i need a bit of help

thank you for the attection


I didn’t spend much time studying all your code but could readily see how HFrame could be useful?


P.S. Now that I’ve read your description more completely, I suggest you extrude inward (or otherwise create that inward pipe) just once, before the brep is oriented to each location.

I studied your code in more detail and chopped out a lot of unnecessary complexity (but not all of it!).

The most significant simplification is to create a siingle ‘T’ pipe at the origin (white group, top left) and then FilEdge (Fillet Edge) and Orient that to each of your desired locations.


NOTE: FilEdge fails for no good reason at some length values. Nudge the ‘Length’ slider (blue group) to find values that work. :frowning: