Curtain wall

Is it possible to cut curtain wall ?


Hi Guillaume,
You can use the vaSplit command if you just need to split a curtain wall vertically. You can use a point or a curve for that purpose, that will break the curtain wall path into pieces and you will get an individual curtain wall for each piece of path.

For a more complex cut, you can use the vaSubtractSolids command, using an auxiliary solid of subtraction.



It works with point but it don’t with curve for me.

I wonder why not… the curve will be projected on the curtain wall path, and will split it at its intersecting points:

Would it be possible if after cutting the parts remain the original divisions? I mean, if the original curtain has a percentage division, could the parts keep the measured partitions? Not percentage for each part? Plus some endings or frames, of course?
Cheers, Jaro

ok merci,

j’avais du faire une mauvaise manipulation…

Although the vaSplit command is not meant to be used this way we could consider this possibility. But woudn’t be confusing to obtain a curtain wall result, whose cell division has nothing to do with what the style tells? I’d like to see a real example where this feature was useful.
You can also consider using the vaSubtractSolids command, so you can create more complex cut shapes. But this won’t regenerate the Frame around the new curtain wall boundary.