Curtain Wall Crashing when drawn non-orthogonally in perspective view

Curtain Walls drawn non-orthogonally are crashing Rhino6 in perspective view. Crash happens as soon as created if in perspective view. If created in Top view, crash happened after switch to perspective view and Save.
Once reopened, curtain walls seem to be drawable as expected, including in orthogonal configuration. Initial attempts to draw curtain walls in perspective view crashed four times in a row, so it seems unstable.

@djhg I can’t reproduce this behaviour. If the problem still persits, next time Rhino crashes, a .dmp file will be generated in your desktop. Please change this file’s name before closing the Rhino crash message, zip it and send it to us ( That way we can figure out what happened and fix any possible errors.

Enric contacted me monday and I believe he has identified the problem as a rhino issue:

“After checking all crashes at McNeel (including all Rhino 6 crashes, not just VisualARQ ones), there is only one with your email, just after running the command “vaCurtainWall”, but the crash is caused by a bug in RDK, and the fix is planned for Rhino 6.5.”

does this not resolve the issue, Francesc?

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If Enric says this means we will need to wait for the fix in Rhino 6.5.

Hi @djhg,

This crash is the same crash you had when trying to copy a window. As I mentioned you, the bug was in the Rhino 6 RDK code. The bug was in a code that computes the bounding box from the meshes of an object.

As I thought that waiting until Rhino 6.5 was too much for some users, we changed how VisualARQ returns meshes to Rhino, to avoid the problematic code, and the crash will not happen anymore in VisualARQ 2.1.2. I think I already sent you the link for an installer.

Moreover, and after talking to developer, the bug is also fixed in Rhino 6.4 on May 2, which will be released very soon.