Cursor Selection is Offset

Rhino ver 6 sr16
Windows 10
Problems began with sr16 update

Object selection is offset from cursor. Must zoom in tight to select objects, even large objects with no or few other objects onscreen. Also cannot directly select Gumball handles, must select from open space slightly away from handle.

Snap Radius set to default 15
Digitizer Snap Radius set to default 1.0
Working perfectly in Rhino 5 and latest WIP
Reinstalled ver6 sr16 twice
Same behavior with mouse or stylus
File size has no effect


Not enough information to guess yet.

Is this in one file or all files?
Does this happen in a new file?
Are you using a default working display mode like Wireframe?

What is the date of your display driver?
Please run SystemInfo and paste the results along with your responses.

Hopefully something will stand out as a likely problem.

Thank you for the response John.

Same results in a new file.
Wireframe objects select correctly but Gumball handle selection is “offset”
All other shade type views have the same “offset” result

There is an updated NVIDIA driver that I was unable to use due to conflict
Rolled back to previous version weeks before loading Rhino 6 Sr16

System Info:

Rhino 6 SR16 2019-7-9 (Rhino 6, 6.16.19190.07001, Git hash:master @ a8b4ee102e9e0eb1d11825df063e13f96d518f93)
License type: Commercial, build 2019-07-09
License details: Cloud Zoo. In use by: ME ()

Windows 10.0 SR0.0 or greater (Physical RAM: 40Gb)
Machine name: GREENROOM

Non-hybrid graphics.
Primary display and OpenGL: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (NVidia) Memory: 11GB, Driver date: 1-3-2018 (M-D-Y). OpenGL Ver: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.65

Secondary graphics devices.
NVIDIA Quadro K2200 (NVidia) Memory: 4GB, Driver date: 5-22-2019 (M-D-Y).

OpenGL Settings
Safe mode: Off
Use accelerated hardware modes: On
Redraw scene when viewports are exposed: On

Anti-alias mode: 4x
Mip Map Filtering: Linear
Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Height

Vendor Name: NVIDIA Corporation
Render version: 4.6
Shading Language: 4.60 NVIDIA
Driver Date: 1-3-2018
Driver Version:
Maximum Texture size: 32768 x 32768
Z-Buffer depth: 24 bits
Maximum Viewport size: 32768 x 32768
Total Video Memory: 11 GB

Rhino plugins
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\SolidTools.rhp “SolidTools”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Commands.rhp “Commands” 6.16.19190.7001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\WebBrowser.rhp “WebBrowser”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk.rhp “Renderer Development Kit”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoScript.rhp “RhinoScript”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RPC.rhp “RPC”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\AnimationTools.rhp “AnimationTools”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\IdleProcessor.rhp “IdleProcessor”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoRender.rhp “Rhino Render”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk_etoui.rhp “RDK_EtoUI” 6.16.19190.7001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk_ui.rhp “Renderer Development Kit UI”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\NamedSnapshots.rhp “Snapshots”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Alerter.rhp “Alerter”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoCycles.rhp “RhinoCycles” 6.16.19190.7001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Toolbars\Toolbars.rhp “Toolbars” 6.16.19190.7001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\3dxrhino.rhp “3Dconnexion 3D Mouse”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Displacement.rhp “Displacement”

Here’s a link to the current GeForce driver from late July:
Use the Advanced option to do a Clean install and do not install the “Experience” gaming tools.

Here’s a newer Quadro driver too:
Again, do a “clean” install to clear old settings.

I don’t see anything else that looks like it could be a problem.

Any luck?

John thank you again.
I have to do this later, I cannot risk a problem while “on the clock.” Last time the GeForce driver update caused some issues.
I will post an update Monday.

Finally had a moment to install the updates.
Object & Gumball selection is back to normal.
Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Also a huge thanks for the direct link to the appropriate drivers, seems impossible to locate the GeForce driver without signing up for an NVIDIA account that has requirements I cannot fulfill.