Cursor disappears with selection - bug

Hello - is this still after a while of running Rhino or is it repeatable if the NamedCPlane part is included?


If I open a new instance of Rhino, create some basic cube volumes, snap a c-plane to an object and save that c-plane, then the bug instantly appears and will stay until the file is closed. If I reopen the file the bug will appear after the saved c-plane is selected. Here is file see if you see. Phil

Cursor-Cplane-bug.3dm (37.7 KB)

More info, the bug only appears if I use the mouse to select the C-plane in the window. If I select with the Named CPlanes box the bug does not appear.

I will back out to 6.13 and test - this feels a lot like a bug that I did see and that has been fixed (I think), also about cursors and named CPlanes.

I’m guessing, for now, it is the same bug and it is fixed -


OK well at least I’ve identified my own work around for now.