Current waffle structure script?

Searching online I’ve found several but most are dating back to 2010 and the scripts aren’t working for me or are highly specialized.

What I need to do is fairly simple but the client is a pain and keeps changing aspects so I have to keep recreating it over and over and over. I’d love to take a few days to develop my own but I’d need to fake my death to by time. Hoping to piggy back this time.

You need to improve your Google-Fu.

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try with Hornero,

Hi Arturo,

The MyCloud download link for Hornero on your site doesn’t seem to work. Could you share the files here?


Ups, sorry. There it goes.

Hornero v_Septiembre_2017.rar (585.0 KB)

Hi, Arturo
Do you mind share the script of you grasshopper model that about the torsion free joint optimisation?
Thank you very much!