Curious file issue/bug

Since the Material Editor takes a bit of time to load up each time i open it, i’ve been in the habit of leaving it open while i continue to work on a model.

I’ve discovered, however, that if you close the main model window, the Material Editor window for that file remains open, and it’s not possible to re-open the model until the Material Editor window for that file has been closed.

Is there a way to tie the two windows together so that the Material Editor window closes when the file’s main window is closed?

The Material window and the Modeling window are sibling windows: they both are windows that are used for editing your model. In the future it will be possible to have more than one modeling window open on a single model, and in the future, layouts will likely be implemented as another sibling window.

The Material window and the (future) Layouts window are essentially specialized modeling windows that are customized for a single purpose.

To close a Rhino model, you must close all the various modeling windows that are open on the model.