Cumulative List Insertions

Hi All,

I am trying to insert number 2 - from the slide - into list 1 at the specified indices 2. It’s obvious that there is no index 6 or 7 in list one. Yet I want this to be cumulative so that number 2 is inserted at index 3 then number 2 is inserted again at the new index 6, then number two is inserted finally at the newest index 7. So that it’s being added cumulatively as the list is growing.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Cumulative List (3.8 KB)

Like this by using anemone loop?

Cumulative List (13.5 KB)

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That’s it! Thanks HS_Kim.

Hey again @HS_Kim which version of Anemone are you using? Just downloaded the latest version and it seems to be different.