Cull text and duplicate indicees from lists

Dear Rhino community,

I need help to cull some info from 2 List.
How see in the image, I need to “merge” the minutage from 2 different list, sort the minutage (increasing time), and cull the (duplicate) indicees with the same minutage.

Unfortunately I have problems finding a solution

Hier the attached GH File (10.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

Try running it through the Create Set component.

“Sort Text” will get all of the entries in the right order as well.

Dear @paul-twoatsix,

thanks for your time!!

I didn’t know the component CSet,thanks for this!!!
I had already tested the “TSort” component, before asking in the post, but don´t work correctly with this list. (See the image and the indicees).

…but in your example works correctly. Where could the problem be?


The problem is that the Sort Text function works alphanumerically so is not going to work as you need it to with your dates as currently formated. If 9:36 was 09:36 it would sort correctly when compared to other 24 hour times, however you’re also going to run into problems with the months - “APR” vs “MAR” will sort ‘incorrectly’ too.

Are you able to format your input data so that it can be more reliably sorted alphanumerically?

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