Cull items identified by delete consecutives

cull consecutive (24.5 KB)


i wanna know how to cull those items that “delete consecutive” identified from the original list of curves that i have, because that component just identify those repeat curves by their lenght, and not also which items are inside the original list. so, how can i link those values to cull those repeating items? i tried with curve pattern, but it doesn’t work…

thank youuuuu

Check this out…

cull consecutive (29.4 KB)

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thank you thank you thank you!! i love that kangaroo component, it’s gonna be my best friend now.

Instead of “delete consecutive”, how about delete duplicate curves? See white group:

(not using Kangaroo)

P.S. I didn’t notice until I idly tried to Loft these lines that there was a mistake in that code (version ‘a’). To get it to work properly, you need to right-click CullPt (Cull Duplicate Points) and choose “Leave One” instead of “Average”. That leaves the correct lines (I think?), though they still won’t loft for several reasons including their sequence. (26.3 KB)

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