Cull breps based on number of intersections or common faces

How do I count “true” or “false” values and then turn a specific count into a key for dispatching a list?

In this case, I want the Breps in “stems” to be dispatched based on whether they’ve returned one “true” or more than one “true”, as shown below. In this case, as shown in the lowermost image I posted any “true” means the Brep has a face that’s identical to a Brep that’s abutting it.

Cull Stems Forum

Here is the definition: Cull Stems (92.8 KB)

Here’s why I want to do this: I’m using the Wasp plug in to aggregate modular parts. I’m using the magenta parts below as “nodes” and the cyan ones as “stems”:

I want the aggregations, when complete to have no “stems” at the ends of a chain. A simplified version of initial output from Wasp looks like the orange chain below. I’m trying to make it look like the blue chain before processing it further.

Also, you should download Wasp and play with it. It’s fun, easy, useful, and the tutorials @ar0551 made for it are a model of the way developers should release plug-ins. He makes it easy. This should be the norm.

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Use Mass Addition on the Point in Brep output.

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Thanks, that worked.

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