CUDA ERROR - Illegal address

I just started to test Rhino WIP and new Rhino Cycles render plugin.
At first I didn’t know, how to start it. I managed to get it work via Display modes and pipeline in rendered mode. Than I changed display mode and get this error in status bar - CUDA ERROR, ILLEGAL ADDRESS

My GPU is Quadro 1000M.

Another thing, that is strange and I would appreciate to improve, is shadows perfection…Till now, shadows are like floating.


For some reason the Cycles initialisation failed. I see you posted your diagnostic results. This shows that rendering should work.

This means you have still an older build exhibiting a display mode drop-down bug that I have already fixed in a later build, which should already be available (24th of November). I think you see problem with Cycles initialisation also because of the older build. Please update to a newer Rhino WIP build - if everything goes well on Tuesday night an even newer build should be available (unless some stop-ship bug was found).

To get modal rendering with Cycles make sure you set in Render > Current Renderer menu RhinoCycles as the active renderer. Then you can press the Render button to render the active viewport in a separate render window.

The imperfection you see here is from the OpenGL shaded rendering. I have reported the issue: RH-32123


Thank you Nathan,

I managed to get Cycles work somehow.
Concerning latest build. I have build from 24th of November… As far as I know, there is no newer build, but rhino tells me that there is (24th of November…) I found this topic An update is perpetually available, where I found other people with this issue.


Good to hear Cycles works for you now. I’m not sure why some people are getting the build update message constantly, when they already have the latest. AFAIK a dev is looking into these issues with the update checks.